I have been a guitarist for over thirty years playing music inspired by the great Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. In 1991 my brother and myself visited Nashville and met with Chet and picked guitar with him. He showed as much interest in us as we did in him. That memorable trip inspired us to learn as much as we could. As the Gledhill Brothers we performed many concerts mainly in London keeping Chet's music alive. In 1994 Chris and I were invited to perform for Chet when he came to Bristol and played his last ever gig in the UK. On the night before the concert Gibson presented Chet with a lifetime achievement award and we played for Chet and so did the Richard Smith trio. In 2004 we were invited to play at the Issoudun  International Guitar Festival. This was a major highlight. Another more recent event was Beverley Folk Festival where I performed on the Moonbeams stage. This was recorded by Yorkshire Gig guide and uploaded to YouTube.

In recent years I have been performing as a solo artist still keeping the fingerstyle flame burning. My wife Cath is my manager and does a great job in finding me places to play.

My playing could be described as pseudo classical and has elements of country, blues , folk and classical.

  • I have 2 CD's available.
  • SOLO SESSIONS is a fingerstyle collection of self penned tunes and Instrumental covers.
  • CLASSICALLY UNTRAINED is a classical CD including many well known classical standards.¬†

The guitar I play is a custom made nylon string electro-acoustic hand made by Ken Barras of Mondave Guitars. Of all the guitars I have ever played, this is the finest.